„Violent Conflictitions“: Internationaler Workshop zur globalen Dimension bewaffneter Konflikte, 2.-4. Juni 2016 am ZiF, Bielefeld

06-02-Koloma-Beck_PlakatDer von Teresa Koloma Beck (Berlin) und Tobias Werron (Bonn) organisierte internationale Workshop

„Violent Conflictitions. Armed conflicts and competition for attention and legitimacy“

geht der Frage nach, wie die Emergenz globaler Publika die Reproduktionsbedingungen und Verläufe von bewaffneten Konflikten verändert. Im Zentrum steht der Zusammenhang zwischen den Dynamiken politischer Gewalt und Dynamiken der Globalisierung. In der Ankündigung heißt es:

Since the 19th century, the ideal of non-violence has been widely institutionalized as a global norm in international politics. This has obviously not led to the disappearance of violence as a means of political conflicts. It has, however, changed the conditions for the reproduction of such conflicts: On the one hand, the global norm of non-violence allows de-legitimizing (criticizing, scandalizing) any kind of violence; on the other hand, it also encourages the deliberate use of violence in order to draw global public attention to a conflict or to a particular conflict party’s cause. For these reasons, today local conflicts are potentially embedded in global competitions for attention and legitimacy that can significantly influence the behaviour and tactics of conflict parties. We refer to this entanglement of local conflicts with global competition for attention and legitimacy as violent conflictition (in analogy to coopetition, a neologism referring to the concurrence of cooperation and competition). The knowledge and knowhow needed to more profoundly explore such constellations and to develop more differentiated theoretical models is dispersed over different disciplines and areas of research with rather divergent epistemic cultures (globalisation research, conflict and violence research, sociology of competition). The aim of the workshop is to bring together experts from these fields of research so as to explore and discuss in a theoretical as well as an empirical perspective the complex prerequisites and implications of the constellations we call violent conflictition.

Hier gehts zum Programm.

(Bild: Zentrum für interdisziplinäre Forschung, Universität Bielefeld.)

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