„Riots“ and mobilizations against violent police deviances An international comparative perspective, Workshop am 21. Juni 2016 in Paris Nanterre

Since the 1960-70s, the US and Western Europe appear to have been subjected to a relatively uninterrupted
series of urban rebellions. Most sociologists and political scientists agree that “riots” often start as
a reaction to “police violence”, as a sign of the contentious relationship between the police and Black
Peoples, post-colonial immigrants‘ children, and working classes. Non-violent collective action against
“police violence” may additionally emerge during or after the “riots” in the form of protests, sit-ins, creation
of associations, legal or community actions. Nevertheless, few researchers take an interest in question
of mobilizations against police deviances.
This workshop aims at bridging this gap by proposing first to focus on this kind of contentious relationships.
We wish to analyze „riots“ as forms of mobilization against „police violence“. Secondly, we would
like to introduce a comparative perspective of the various forms of “riots”, rebellions and uprisings in
different configurations across the world. We thus intend to contribute to the understanding of the similarity
or diversity of such movements, including their conditions of possibility. Finally, some papers focus on
the effects of police deviances and state repression on the people and their mobilizations. Here, our
objective consists in studying how police deviance might push people to become activists, and how it
becomes a more political issue.

To get further information concerning the workshop click here.

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